Frequently asked questions

When start piano lessons?

The best age to start piano lessons is around 6 years old. It is never too late to start playing the piano. Approximately half of my students are children, and half are adults. The best time to start is now!

What do piano lessons cost?

Lessons with international concert pianists typically start from £100 per hour, though the Musician's Union recommends at least £35 per hour (2020-21). A typical 30-minute weekly lesson usually starts from £60 per month.

How many piano lessons do I need?

It is best to think of piano lessons as a long-term investment in yourself. Weekly lessons and daily practise add up and make you the wonderful player you will become! It usually takes a complete beginner up to 18 months of regular practise and lessons to achieve an excellent result in Grade 1 piano. Since there are 41 lessons per year, this may take up to 62 lessons. Each grade thereafter usually takes 6 months to complete, with an additional 3-6 months to develop between grades. There are 8 grades in total. Piano diplomas can take anywhere from 6 months to 24 months, depending on experience.

Why take piano lessons?

A teacher will help you work out, structure, and achieve your musical goals using their teaching and performing experience. They will create and guide you through a course based on your wants and needs because this is the most effective way to learn. There are many great resources online, though no resource delivers the same results and satisfaction as learning with a teacher.

Where are piano lessons?

Piano lessons are typically held at the teacher's studio, either in person or by video-link, i.e. Zoom or Skype. Lessons in person have face-to-face benefits, and video-link lessons reduce travel time, travel cost, and travel emissions.

Can you take piano lessons on a keyboard?

Yes, you can. Keyboards with weighted keys are usually fine, though a well-maintained acoustic piano is best. Try to avoid keyboards that do not have weighted keys.

Can piano lessons be tax deductible?

According to HMRC, training courses are an allowable business expense if the training improves the skills and knowledge you use in your business. Contact your financial advisor or accountant for more information.

Can piano lessons improve math?

Although many studies suggest so, it's probably best to practise math if you want to get good at math, and to practise piano if you want to get good at piano! :)

Are piano exams necessary?

Exams are not necessary, though they are recommended because they provide structure, goals, experience, and feedback. Students who take exams tend to experience a sense of achievement and make the best progress.

Are piano exams difficult?

The pass mark for ABRSM exams is 100/150 and the average mark worldwide is generally considered 116/150 (Pass). The pass rate for each of my students who practise and attend lessons regularly is 100%. The long-term average for my students is 127/150 (Merit). The average for my students in 2019 was 130/150 (Distinction).