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Why Choose Skype or Facetime Piano Lessons?



Music tuition beyond your local area.



Save on time, cost, and effort whilst reducing your carbon footprint.


Put the kids to bed and use your own piano. Easy demonstrations using two pianos.



Multi-devices offer various visual perspectives. Record lessons for playback, and perform in an online group recital.

What Do Students Say?

I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to have piano lessons over Skype with Rory since moving to Sweden. This has allowed me to access such an excellent standard of teaching, as well as the convenience of having lessons in my living room. I would absolutely recommend this!

 - Steven, student since 2016

I am a qualified music teacher living and working in Northern Ireland. Rory took me on via Skype sessions to polish up my grade 8 pieces and helped tighten up my technique. He also spent time mentoring me with regards to posture, movement and tone. I have already been able to pass on these techniques to my own students. He is a patient, empathetic and insightful tutor and the Skype sessions proved very beneficial. I would highly recommend Rory!

 - Lauren, student in 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Skype lessons just a gimmick?

No – they make quality education available for everyone. They are the way of the future.

Are Skype lessons suitable for advanced students?

Yes – a Grade 8 student recently passed her exam using only Skype lessons.

Is Skype suitable for beginner children?

Yes – as a parent, the time and effort saved with Skype is a gift!

Isn’t it all a bit impersonal?

No – I have a great, personable working relationship with each of my students. Skype lessons soon feel like home.

I’ve never used Skype before – how do I know it works?

You won’t until you try it! :)

Are face-to-face lessons better?

Not always – though if you find an internationally-qualified teacher who lives just a few minutes away, then I’d say go for it!

Why do you give Skype lessons?

Finding the education that is best for you can be a challenge. When I was having regular piano lessons, I travelled 200 miles from Belfast to the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin each week. I then moved to Manchester to study at the Royal Northern College of Music, where I currently live with my wife and son. I want to help people find the best education available to them.

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