12 Tips for Getting the Most from Piano Lessons

Here are some tips for getting the most from your lessons! These tips are only a guide or starting point: there are exceptions to each one, though each of them is worth considering. It may be useful to find an area for improvement: why not score yourself out of 10 for each one and come to your lesson with some fresh ideas?

1) Attend: Punctually

Lesson time = progress, inspiration, and enjoyment

2) Perform: Listen

Practise, perform, and listen/learn with an open mind

3) Target: Build

Find areas for improvement – progress with positivity, encouragement, and constructive criticism (both teacher and student)

4) Listen More: Talk Less

Get the most from your lesson time

5) Engage: Reflect

Concentrate in lessons and reflect before practise (sooner rather later)

6) Practise Little: Practise Often

Regular practise beats irregular practise

7) Posture: Relaxation

Sit well and drop hands regularly

8) The Juggling Act: Scales, Sight-Reading, Pieces, etc.

Spend good time with each and watch your skills grow

9) Plan Big: Practise Small

Set goals and practise towards these in steps

10) Practise: Overcome

Address matters effecting progress – practise, transcend, and overcome

11) Catch up on Theory (Before Theory Catches up on You!)

Keep one step ahead with theory for best progress

12) Logic: Creativity

Develop practise technique and perform with character, beauty, and passion

Rory Dowse

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