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How to Upload your Music as a PDF

Here is a step-by-step guide to uploading your music to Skype as a PDF.

This makes it easy for me to write on your music when having the lesson online.

You'll first want to download the Adobe Scan app.

Open the app you want to send the score to:

1) Open the Skype app

- this step is necessary to give Adobe Scan the relevant permissions to share the music to Skype


Take the photo:

2) Sign in to Adobe Scan

3) Scan the image (it will automatically scan when you hold the camera over the document)

4) Press ‘Continue’ if you are happy with the image, or press ‘Retake’

5) Scan the next image (if there is more than one page)

6) Select the scanned image (bottom right)

7) Rename the file in the following format and select ‘OK’:

‘Student Name + Name of Composer/Piece' - don't forget this step!

8) Press ‘Save PDF’ (top right)

Upload the file to Skype:

9) Press ‘Share’

10) Press ‘Share a Copy’

11) Upload to Skype (press Skype app icon)

12) Select recipient

13) Press ‘Send’

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